December 14, 2021

Reflecting Back and Looking Forward – Swiftspace Recap

From the Desk of Rob Way CEO Swiftspace Inc.

As we close out 2021 I wanted to take some time reflecting back on the year and look forward to the new year – to what we have planned and what 2022 may bring.  

Moving into the new year Swiftspace will continue to focus on bringing Connection, Flexibility, and Privacy/Protection to all our projects – big or small.

2021 was a big year for us we focused on creating connections, that allowed our Reps and Dealer to connect with their clients from the safety of their own homes. We achieved this by –

  • Rebranding! This past summer we did a complete overhaul of our website and marketing materials – this also included a fully functional VR Showroom. The Showroom can be used to explore individually or can be used to host virtual tours with small groups
  • The creation of a series of short overview videos and longer technical videos of all our product lines to show end-users how easy Swiftspace product is to set up and move/reconfigure without having access to a physical sample
  • Enhancing our presence on DesignBoardz, giving our Reps and Dealers to create tailor-made virtual planning/design boards with their clients

We also significantly increased our offering of quick set-up mobile privacy panels with the introduction of our TempWall product line, our Mobile Laminate walls with quick connect brackets and folding walls on casters that create a complete room in just minutes.

So what are our plans for 2022?

We’ve already started looking at our current product offering and how we can improve them – keep an eye out as we SHIFT into the new year for revamped product designs.

We’ll also be focusing on products that will reenergize people and rebuild social connections to feel a strong sense of community as people return to the office – leading to a culture based on a shared purpose. Our DUO and DOS bench/booth are great examples of how we can create a space where people can feel a sense of connection and belonging.

Dos Benches

Giving users more choice and control over both where and how they work will be another focus for Swiftspace. Allowing users to decide when to work independently or collaboratively. Look for new product introductions that will allow people to create privacy on the fly with innovative storage solutions that also have pull-out walls to create private workspaces. As well as workstations with walls that can be adjusted from open to private height by the user in seconds!

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a great start to 2022! We can’t wait to help you with your next project!

Rob Way, CEO 
Swiftspace Inc. 


November 12, 2021

Swiftspace’s Return to Office Tips

With no way to know when it will be safe to do so, return to work has been a hot topic. As we’ve all seen over the last 2 years, it’s difficult to plan around the unpredictable. So how can you set your office up for success? We’ve put together a couple of tips we think will be helpful for returning to work and setting your office up for the unpredictable.

Since Swiftspace furniture is mobile this makes rearranging your space a much easier task. Easily create space for social distancing by moving your stations accordingly – without the need for outside installers/movers.

When it comes to return to work, we have to embrace variety. With people working from home for such a long period they have grown accustomed to adjusting their workspace for what suits them best – this needs to carry over into the office space as well.

We need to accommodate different workings styles, not everyone works well in a collaborative group setting and we need to support those users with private, noise free, productive space – without using drywall to section off spaces. For this, we recommend the Fused or Shift stations with ezoBord addons for sound absorption. These stations allow for focused, solo work that can easily be customized with Whiteboard accessories, panel extenders for added privacy, and Height Adjustability for ergonomics.

Allowing employees to decide what works for them means letting them decide when is the time for collaborative work. By providing spaces for small groups to meet it will give employees the flexibility to transition throughout the day. Using Mobile Walls that can double as whiteboards allows for small private meetings space to be created. We like the combination of the DOS bench and unify tables to create small meeting pods – or even be a space for solo work in a more laidback atmosphere. The DOS booth is a great space for 2 person meetings and can even accommodate up to 4 when the back wall is dropped and they are pushed together.

The big takeaway is allowing employees some freedom of choice in how and where they work in the office.

July 13, 2021

Swiftspace Unveils a Bold New Brand Direction with Significant Product Expansion

Swiftspace may be the best-kept secret in mobile workspace furnishing. Following significant product line expansions over the past few years, this mover and shaker has grown from a single line to over a dozen and is making new waves by introducing a new branding direction and revitalized website.

“We’ve always been focused on innovating workspace products that are mobile, that can adapt quickly to change – easily and quickly. In the new age of changing occupancy dynamics in the workplace, the need to add mobile-based furniture has never been higher,” says Rob Way, CEO of Swiftspace.

Swiftspace is living their brand by implementing change in everything they’re doing. “If I had to simplify what we stand for using one word, it would be, change,” says Way, “We were the first company to put mobility at our core when we started Swiftspace. Our customers are delighted when they see how our products can be set up, taken down, moved, and set up again – all in just minutes, with no tools. There are no loose parts and no punch list. And our products fold up using minimal storage space. Best of all, our Designer partners tell us that Swiftspace is modern, functional and attractive.”

Swiftspace has launched its new brand campaign using the chameleon as its key visual – a meaningful metaphor for the Swiftspace brand. A completely re-vamped website was also unveiled ( Rob Way explained about the new website, “Customers and Designers can immerse themselves in the planning process by viewing product lines in their choice of materials and colors, just by clicking their mouse in the Virtual Design Centre, which presents product in a virtually-staged office environment. We also added new tools to help Designers be more productive in planning workspaces with Swiftspace products.”

Rob Way said that they’ve invested significant time with customers and design partners to collect ongoing feedback to optimize the Swiftspace product line. “Swiftspace helps organizations remain ahead of disruption and build future-proofed projects that look great,” said Joe Ogno who is responsible for furniture and workplace strategy for Jason Office Products. Susan Lord, Dealer Principal at SLM Group says, “Swiftspace continues to evolve and make workplace furniture with flexibility, mobility, and great design options.” 

The company claims that there is no other company like Swiftspace in the workplace furnishings industry that fulfills the need for providing workspace professionals the ability to set up, move, take down and store workspaces in minutes versus hours, without tools, and completely DIY.

When asked what the vision is for Swiftspace, Rob Way answered, “It’s not enough to embrace change. Our goal is to help our customers master it.”

For further information and interview inquiries, please contact:

Rob Way
CEO, Swiftspace Inc.


May 31, 2021

Taking Your Office Outside

Organizations can re-establish their office culture after working from home for months, with outdoor workspaces. People want to work outdoors for a variety of reasons, the benefit to our mental health being the main one. The other benefit is the ability to connect with nature and reconnect with co-workers. While we can’t ditch digital meetings completely, outdoor meetings have been a growing alternative. Outdoor space doesn’t have to just be for breaks and lunchtime. Create a productive outdoor workspace where people can safely collaborate with others and with Swiftspace you can easily move indoors too.

Ergonomics will still play an important role in outdoor workspace, keep people moving with Height Adjustable tables. The SHAPE can be equipped with a battery pack that will let users work outside for hours without needing to plug in.

Featured Product: Single Surface Shape

In-person collaboration can be done with benching systems that allow people to sit diagonally across from each other, maintaining social distancing regulations (6ft/2m)

Featured Product:  Foresight (Double)   Mobile Wall (Frame)

Provide the tool needs for collaboration with Mobile Walls with whiteboard finish. Keep cleaning tools handy with magnetic accessories

Featured Products: Unify, Mobile Wall (Frame)

For more private workspace, roll out the SOLO with optional Fold Down Walls that allow for quick transitions from private to collaborative Featured Product: Solo with Fold Down Walls

Move your outdoor workspace inside with 650 lbs ball bearing casters that can handle almost any terrain, including asphalt

Whatever the office of the future looks like, Swiftspace has plenty of solutions to help you adapt!


April 27, 2021

New Bill Proposes $5 Billion for Library Infrastructure, Will You Be Ready?

Learn How to Design the Perfect Library Space with Swiftspace!

We know the importance of libraries for a community. More than just a space for books, libraries have become an integral community hub. For people to study, access computers, join local events, and more. We were happy to hear of the proposed bill for funding library infrastructure.

The major concerns for librarians regarding libraries of the future are mobility and multi-use space, which just so happens to be a Swiftspace specialty.  Our stations are engineered to fold to a fraction of their size, be set-up, taken down, or reconfigured at any time with no tools and without damage to parts.


February 9, 2021

Swiftspace Soars to New Heights

If you are the Facility folks at Peterson Airforce Base and you are asked to outfit the second floor of an Aircraft Hanger with furniture that you can easily deploy to other areas, who do you call? Swiftspace of course!

Watch this short video to see how we answered the bell.

An installation that would typically keep a crew of eight, busy for five days was completed in just two.

If you are faced with a difficult installation click here and one of our Swiftspace Reps will help you put together a flexible furniture solution that will install in a fraction of the time you are used to.


January 12, 2021

The Future of Healthcare is Mobile

2020 was a year full of challenges, for everyone. Our lives were turned upside down. In a year of isolation and being away from family and friends, you persevered. You worked from home, you updated your office space for social distancing, you adapted.

In 2021 we finally have a light at the end of the tunnel, the COVID-19 vaccine is currently being distributed all over the world. With vaccinations underway, the need for vaccination clinics and centers has increased. Swiftspace offers mobile treatment rooms and consultation stations that fold to 15% of their open footprint. Stations arrive on casters so when they are not in use they can be stored away and pulled out whenever needed. An added bonus is how easy they are to clean, making them a great solution for healthcare spaces.

Check out how the VA Miami used our innovative solutions for their pop-up vaccine clinic.


December 15, 2020

COVID-19 Has Taken Workstation Privacy to New Heights

COVID-19 has changed so many aspects of our lives, a large change being how and where we work. With organizations looking at how they can safely bring back employees, there has been an increased focus on physical barriers to create safe distancing. We may not have seen the last of open collaborative offices with touchdown spaces and hoteling stations but, we are certainly seeing a trend towards private, single-user, space.

Swiftspace solutions are not only designed to meet present-day office needs but with the many mobility, flexibility, and privacy options available you can be confident in your ability to respond quickly to change. Swiftspace is one of the few product lines that has many different versions and heights of privacy options that are fully integrated into their DNA. To learn more about any of our products click here

Don't replace your benching systems. Retrofit with privacy panels or Mobile Walls to create individual, protected workspace
Our stations are available in a variety of wall heights and widths. They fold to 15% of their size, or, fit through any standard size doorway.
Use a combination of Surround Privacy Panels or surface Privacy Panels to ensure privacy and protection move with you – from sit to stand

All our stations can be cleaned multiple times a day without degradation to the finish. There is also the option to have an anti-microbial treatment added – to learn more click here

Special Use

November 17, 2020

Guest Suite to Office in 5 Minutes or Less!

In a previous blog we talked about how Swiftspace can help hotels who are seeing an uptick in long-term stays. Now, hotels can offer another solution for those who are not returning to the office.

Working from home is not for everyone but, some still may not be returning to the office. Hotels are not seeing the numbers from vacationers as countries head back into lockdowns or are still under restrictions. So what is the solution?

Instead of having empty guest rooms, hotels can turn them into 1 or 2 person private offices that can be rented out for a few hours or for a full day. Swiftspace can make this transition simple with any of our furniture solutions because they are all mobile.

Hotels are already equipped with Wi-Fi, printers, in-room coffee and snacks, and private restrooms, now all they need is mobile, flexible furniture. Any of our stations can be used, as they all ship fully assembled on casters so when they arrive on-site they can be rolled off the truck and into rooms to be set-up without the need for outside labour. Many stations can fold to at least 15% of their size and be rolled into storage if a room needs to be returned to its original guest room state.

From set-up to take down in a matter of minutes, check out this video to see our stations in actions.


October 20, 2020

The Height Adjust You Love, Double the Space

Now, more than ever, movement is important for our overall wellbeing. With many continuing to work from home or staying stationary at their office desk, we’ve all become a little stagnant. To help reduce not only our mental stress but also the stress on our bodies from sitting too long, it is important to periodically change posture, position, and even location.

Height adjust tables are a great solution for moving during the day, which is why we love the SHAPE. You’ve seen the single surface height adjusts on the market but, how many of those solutions allow you to bring two tables together to create one dual surface workstation? All the ergonomic benefits of a single surface, now with more workspace! AND it all folds up and rolls away when you need to move it or simply get it out of the way.

Add privacy to the work area, whether sitting or standing, with privacy panels. Attached to the surface, our privacy panels move with you, ensuring you have visual privacy even while standing. If you want to give your work area a more permanent look, with the same functionality, add our Surround Privacy Panels. Looking for even more privacy? Add panel extenders to your Surround panels!

With plenty of options for the Shape Height Adjust you can easily create a full office space that is an ergonomic dream, allows people to work their way, and is easy to reconfigure.

To learn more about our Shape Height Adjust desks click here