Doing Our Part For Earth Day

It’s Earth Month and Earth Day is quickly approaching! We wanted to take this month to share our Sustainability efforts and a few of our future goals as we continue our efforts as a company.  

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Swiftspace is fully committed to environmental responsibility and community well-being. We actively adhere to environmental legislation and continuously seek out ways to enhance our environmental performance by implementing controls, providing necessary resources and fostering employee awareness. Our foremost goal is to minimize any negative environmental impacts resulting from our processes, products and services. You can find more information by clicking the links!

  • Environmental Responsibility: We diligently select and procure materials that are healthy for  individuals and the planet and we manage resources, such as energy, wisely.

  • Our Community: We actively engage in our community, fostering positive connections and meaningful relationships while contributing to the well-being of people in the areas we live and work

Sustainability Standard

The purpose of the Swiftspace Sustainability Standard is to enforce andimprove sustainable practices. This document outlines both companystandards and goals. The Swiftspace Sustainability Standard is used as aframework to implement systems that analyze Swiftspace’s organizational anddesign processes on multi-faceted levels.

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