Swiftspace is fully committed to environmental responsibility and community well-being. We actively adhere to environmental legislation and continuously seek out ways to enhance our environmental performance by implementing controls, providing necessary resources and fostering employee awareness. Our foremost goal is to minimize any negative environmental impacts resulting from our processes, products and services.

 Rob Way
CEO Swiftspace Inc.



Our choices focus on these areas of impact:

We diligently select and procure materials that are healthy for  individuals and the planet and we manage resources, such as energy, wisely.

We actively engage in our community, fostering positive connections and meaningful relationships while contributing to the well-being of people in the areas we live and work

Our commitment revolves around 6 core environmental principles:
  1. Innovative product design to reduce waste, packaging and transport 
  2. Minimizing energy and materials use 
  3. Responsible waste management 
  4. Promoting product reuse and recycling 
  5. Fostering environmental awareness among our workforce 
  6. Engaging our suppliers, contractors and customers in eco-friendly initiatives 
Work for a Better Planet

Choose & Use Materials Responsibly

We are dedicated to responsible material selection and usage in our office furniture manufacturing, ensuring sustainability and minimizing environmental impact through conscientious choices in sourcing and production processes.

Circular Design

We embrace circular design principles in our office furniture manufacturing, promoting longevity, recyclability, and resource efficiency to minimize waste and contribute to a sustainable and regenerative product lifecycle

Work for a Better Future

Help Our Community Thrive

We help our community thrive by fundraising for local charities including food banks, shelters and other charities important to our employees. 

Foster Inclusion

We collaborate with our employees to create inclusive strategies, programs and spaces for all.