Swiftspace is your WORKSPACE chameleon,
adapting quickly and easily to change.

As occupancy dynamics in the workplace continue to challenge us, adapting to change has never been more important. Like the chameleon that changes quickly and effortlessly to adapt to its changing environment, so does Swiftspace. The product designers at Swiftspace have created solutions that make workspace change easier, faster and more cost-effective

SWIFTSPACE HAS benefits that
all departments can agree on.

Swiftspace has been designed to meet the high expectations of real-world workspace change. 

Designers will love the clean lines, choices of materials and accessories, and flexible design options. 

Accounting will approve the reduced costs associated with workplace churn. Speak to a Swiftspace specialist about the ROI from Swiftspace. 

Facility Managers never rest. But with Swiftspace, there’s increased breathing room. Facility management is easier and faster because of DIY installation and take-down, reduced storage requirements, no parts and no punch list, and no professional installers needed so you can do what you need to do now instead of working around contractor schedules.

Inspires creativity in Designers

Impresses the Finance Department

Supports the Facility Managers


Long Lasting Durability
While Swiftspace products make permanence an option, they are built to withstand punishment day in and day out without failing. The best materials have been selected so that Swiftspace products will make the long haul with you and your company.

Save Time & Money
Pay competitive prices today, but save tremendous amounts of money and time tomorrow with Swiftspace. There is no need to hire a professional team to install or reconfigure your office when you invest in the easily-maneuverable Swiftspace solutions.

Increased Productivity
Get more out of your employees when morale is high and innovation is supported. The Swiftspace product line allows your office to have the best of both worlds – private workstations to drown out distractions and open spaces for positive collaboration.

Today, tight deadlines have employees tied to their desks, but tomorrow a prospective client will require innovative collaboration. With Swiftspace it is possible to accommodate the needs of the staff with easily-maneuverable workstations that make your office perfectly adaptable.

Easily Scalable
Success in the modern business world requires adaptability. Swiftspace office solutions will grow or shrink with your changing company dynamics. With the ability to fold down to very manageable dimensions, these work spaces can be stored away or set up at a moment’s notice.

Optional finishes, enhancements, accessories, electrical and data

Swiftspace has been designed to be customized. The Design Centre outlines the various materials and finishes available. Visit the Accessories, Enhancements and Electrical & Data pages to learn about more options available.

Play Video

Watch one of Swiftspace’s Digital Demos to learn more about the features and benefits of the product’s design.

Storage is a key point of difference. When not in use, Swiftspace products fold down quickly, and require only up to 15% of their fully set-up size.

THE ROI BENEFIT of swiftspace

The initial purchase is only part of the cost of office furniture. Once in place, the workplace will change – and today, the changes are happening more often. With Swiftspace adaptability, costs are reduced because Facility Managers are now able to move, assemble and take down workspaces, in minutes, without the need for costly contract installers. Additionally, there are storage savings because Swiftspace has been designed to simply fold down to be rolled away to small storage spaces.

Configure and reconfigure your workplace layouts to suit your changing needs without burning through the added time and expense of materials, installation and storage.

Swiftspace is 30% less costly than
traditional system furniture over a 10 year
period and 5 churns.

* calculations were based on 5 churns over 10 years with 100 workstations.