Swiftspace is an innovative designer and manufacturer of mobile office furniture. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing work environment, modern professionals need to be able to work anywhere, at any time. Swiftspace can help achieve this level of flexibility and productivity  

SWIFTSPACE HAS benefits that
all departments can agree on.

No loose parts
to manage.

Minimal tools

No installers needed
– it’s DIY-easy!

No punch list
saves time.

Install in minutes,
not hours.

Reduce costs.
Learn how.

Units fold to 15%
size for storing.


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Swiftspace products are engineered to be set-up and taken down  hundreds of times without loss of functionality. 


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Work from anywhere and maximize productivity by avoiding distractions and interruptions. Our mobile solutions can create dedicated workspace that is free from distractions, allowing for focused work to be done in less time.  


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Pay competitive prices today, but save tremendous amounts of money and time tomorrow with Swiftspace. There is no need to hire a professional team to install or reconfigure your office when you invest in the easily-maneuverable Swiftspace solutions.


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Swiftspace mobile solutions you can easily transition from focused workspace, to open collaborative zones. This allows professionals to work anywhere, any time.  


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Swiftspace solutions are designed to be compact and easy to move. With the ability to fold down to nearly 15% of it's open footprint, workspaces can be stored away or set-up at a moments notice 



Storage is a key point of difference. When not in use, Swiftspace products fold down quickly, and require only up to 15% of their fully set-up size.

THE ROI BENEFIT of swiftspace

The initial purchase is only part of the cost of office furniture. Once in place, the workplace will change – and today, the changes are happening more often. With Swiftspace adaptability, costs are reduced because Facility Managers are now able to move, assemble and take down workspaces, in minutes, without the need for costly contract installers. Additionally, there are storage savings because Swiftspace has been designed to simply fold down to be rolled away to small storage spaces.

Configure and reconfigure your workplace layouts to suit your changing needs without burning through the added time and expense of materials, installation and storage.

Swiftspace is 30% less costly than
traditional system furniture over a 10 year
period and 5 churns.

* calculations were based on 5 churns over 10 years with 100 workstations. 



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Watch one of Swiftspace’s Digital Demos to learn more about the features and benefits of the product’s design.

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Look who benefits from Swiftspace:

Architects, Designers, Workplace Specifiers and Facility Managers working in Government, Healthcare, Office and Education are experiencing the value of Swiftspace change enablement. So can you.