Maximize Collaboration with Swiftspace: 4 Types of Mobile, Agile, Collaborative Spaces

Some of your best ideas come from when we come together to collaborate and connect. People can learn from each other, and projects can be completed faster. Technology has given us the freedom to work from anywhere – even from home. We are now increasingly looking for ways to collaborate and interact face-to-face with our teams, regardless of where they work from.

Designing for different types of collaboration can create an atmosphere where individuals can feel appreciated and comfortable sharing their unique experiences and input. 

No matter the group size, when it comes to collaborating you need to be flexible. Your workplace should be as flexible as you are. Swiftspace’s mobile solutions allow you to rearrange your workspace, however you need, to suit your collaborative needs. 

A collaborative learning space with mobile, flip-top tables configured to face the front of the room where a media station is set up with a mobile whiteboard wall to the side
A teamwork space, mobile flip-top tables face towards an assembly of mobile whiteboard walls. There are extra table folded and moved to the side until needed.

1. Learn

To promote learning and information sharing, presentation spaces are usually outfitted with monitors and tables and chairs oriented to face the presenter. These spaces are used to visually share information and data, learn from training programs, or host a guest speaker. People are encouraged to ask questions, or they can collaborate with their teammates during a training session. We like to use our Unify mobile flip-top tables as they can easily be stored within the room and rolled out as needed – combined with our Mobile Walls that can double as whiteboards.

2. Do

After a presentation or meeting perhaps the room needs to transition into a workspace. This type of workspace is mainly used by groups or teams, where their notes can remain on whiteboards or tacked to the wall – even when they are working elsewhere. To achieve their goals, users will need a space that has tables, comfortable chairs, whiteboards, and video/interactive data-sharing tech. Flip the Unify tables you don’t need a move them to the side – maybe roll in a few more Mobile Walls! 

A space for brainstorming, mobile tables are folded and moved to the side to make room for mobile benches and booths
A social space with mobile benches with cushions and comfy chairs enclosed with mobile walls that have moss panels. In the background is folded furniture that is not currently in use

3. Think

A space for brainstorming, idea generation, or strategic planning. These informal spaces are designed with comfortable seating, some privacy to avoid disrupting others, a monitor, and a whiteboard area to work through problems or take notes. Move the Unify and Mobile Walls to the side and bring in the DOS family. A combination of booths and benches that are the perfect space for brainstorming with others or having quick touch-down meetings to discuss a project.

4. Connect

The new “watercooler” – social spaces are designed to foster connections and interactions. A laid-back atmosphere that is people-first, relaxed, and informal. Comfortable lounge seating and some mobile privacy walls (outfitted with Quiet Earth Moss) create a cozy atmosphere. These spaces can also provide a quiet escape when you need a moment to relax and breathe. 

Bring in a few comfy chairs, and keep your DOS benches to provide the casual, comfortable seating this space needs. Our Mobile Walls can act as a whiteboard but they can also be a Moss Wall, simply rotate the wall around to create a small oasis.

We’ve shown how one room can hold all types of collaboration spaces, but with our mobile solutions, you can take these spaces anywhere. While most companies will use all 4 of these spaces or a combination of them, it is important that you are meeting the needs of your team. Some spaces may be preferred over others depending on the company culture. With Swifspace, your collaborative spaces can be as agile and mobile as the teams that use them. As ideas grow and evolve, your spaces can be rearranged to accommodate users’ needs. 

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