A Solo 6x6 stations shown with ADA surfaces to create an overhand space for collaboration

New Year, Same Questions? Get Answers with Swiftspace!

In 2023, Let's Start Asking New Questions


2022 was the year of adjustment. Workplaces had to adapt to a new, modern workplace – which includes work from home. Heading into 2023 many organizations will have questions as this work model continues to evolve. Where will work be performed? How often will it be performed there, and how can employers entice employees back into the physical workspace?

The pandemic and in turn, the Great Resignation, has empowered employees to demand working conditions that will have less impact on both their physical and mental health. Often, the preference is to work from home. This has created problems for leadership teams as they struggle to maintain company vision and adjust goals of office culture with decreased office attendance.

On top of this, competition for talent has become fierce as employees are looking for work-life balance and flexibility in their jobs. Often a key item on their requirements is the ability to work from home – at least part of the time.

To entice employees back to the workplace employers are now providing design solutions around flexibility, engagement and a more “home” like feel. While improving the workspace they are also offering in office perks such as – free lunches, drinks, dog friendly, etc. However, many employees continue to prefer the comfort and control that comes with working from home.

So, in our minds the question for 2023 has to be “what will it take to improve upon beautifully designed workspaces (coupled with free gourmet coffee) to make the office “commute-worthy”

We think the answer is to give employees who have spent that last 3 years working from home, where they controlled all aspects (except for their families) of how they worked, that same control when they step into the physical office.

Here are the trends that will be most prominent in 2023 – and how Swiftspace fits in:

People First Design

The pandemic saw a surge in employees wanting more out of their workplaces – while maintaining their flexibility in how and where they work. A People First Design approach puts employee needs at the forefront of design.

Part of what this means is having a much more integrated approach to those working in the office and those working at home. Not everyone will be in the office at the same time but employers still need to foster those connections. This means integrating virtual solutions so there is less divide between employees.

The Swiftspace DOS and DOS+ are excellent solutions if you need a quiet space to meet with a coworker in person or virtually. The DOS come with integrated power and can have a monitor added to easily be able to meet with coworkers or clients over zoom

Supporting Neurodiversity

This is a big change in the typical workspace – what has been designed as one size fits all space is now finally having to acknowledge that it has never been so. While people are working from home they can adjust their space at will to suit their needs. Now returning to the office, users are expecting that same level of comfort.

Some tips to allow users to adjust their experience:

  • Incorporating acoustics into our designs to reduce echoes and noise

  • Provide focus areas with warm upholstery to create spaces that are low stimulation

  • Offer flexible furnishings such as sit-to-stand desking

  • Dimmable lighting and operable shades on windows

Swiftspace can aid in a lot of these tips. We can easily incorporate Ezobord acoustics material in the form of tackboards, privacy panels, panel extenders, etc. to all of our furniture solutions. This will help with the absorption of distracting noise.

With many height adjustable options, Swiftspace is an excellent choice for flexible furnishing. Not only that, we also offer physical flexibility as all of our stations ship on casters so that spaces can be rearranged to suit your needs

The DOS+ available in both single and double seating is the perfect space to get some quiet, focused work complete without distraction. Equipped with lighting, ventilation (which doubles as quiet white noise), doors and power the DOS+ is an excellent spot to decompress.

Fused height-adjust stations separated by a DOS bench, in the background is a line of single-seater DOS+ booths

Places for Privacy in a Collaborative Office


Open offices have been the trend for over a decade but we have started to realize this may not be the best approach anymore. In 2023 we’ll see more of a push for private spaces to work and meet in an open collab office space.

Office will need to provide a variety of different work spaces including:

  • Enclosed spaces

  • Open spaces

  • Collaborative space

  • Social spaces

The DOS+ is again, the perfect solution for enclosed private spaces where you can put your head down and get focused. It’s also a great spot for quick touchdown meetings.

The DOS benches can be used in combination with Unify tables to create social/lounge spaces to meet with coworkers, have your lunch, or just take a moment for yourself.

A café settings created by using DOS Benches and Unify flip-top tables


Watch for Basecamp coming Spring 2023 – Basecamp is a mobile workspace solution that allows users to quickly create private meeting space, individual work space, or a training space. It will be highly customizable, on the fly. We can’t wait for you to see it!

Also coming Spring 2023 will be Environmental Product Declarations for all our products.

We are excited to bring you new, innovative product this year – stay tuned for more updates!

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