Swiftspace™ Inc. recognizes our responsibilities for the environment and to our local community. At Swiftspace™ Inc., the goal of acting responsibly on behalf of the environment has the same status as producing high-quality products and meeting our customers’ needs. Consequently, environmental protection is a definite part of every employee’s work. We are committed to complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations at the local, regional and national levels. We also subscribe to other requirements that push our company to continually improve our environmental performance through appropriate initiatives, controls, provision of resources and training of employees. The aim is to minimize adverse impacts on the environment of our processes, products and services.

Management objectives are established and reviewed on a regular basis to implement our environmental policy.
These are based on a commitment to the following six environmental principles:

• The use of innovative product design to minimize the environmental impact of the use of natural resources, packaging, and transportation.
• Minimization of energy, material usage and the production of waste in our manufacturing processes.
• Effective, responsible waste management and disposal
• Promoting the reuse and recycling of products
• Maintaining a high awareness of environmental issues in the workforce
• Involving our suppliers, contractors and customers in environmental initiatives

Rob Way,
CEO Swiftspace™ Inc.

Our Shift, Dual Shape, Fused, Flip, DOS, Solo, Strata, DUO and Mobile Walls are all MAS Certified Green for a healthier indoor environment. For specific test results please Contact SWIFTSPACE.


• All panel dimensions have been sized to completely utilize 4 x 8 sheets of material
• Recycled materials have been used whenever possible
• Easy to field-install new panels, work surfaces, casters which will increase the life cycle of the product
• All aluminum and panel parts are shipped from suppliers on reusable skids
• Aluminum and panel parts come from suppliers located within 75 km of our plant
• Station cover is made from excess commercial grade furniture vinyl diverted from landfill sites
• Products ship on reusable skids with minimal packaging made from recycled cardboard


• Product ships in approximately 15% of space of a standard workstation and has about 40-50% less weight, both of which translate into a reduced carbon footprint

Transportation and carbon footprint savings: No Installers Required

• No installers required for set-up, save fuel costs of installers traveling to site
• No installers required for reconfiguration and movement of product for subsequent movement of stations


• The ability to fold-up when not in use will result in reduced space requirements which will translate into a reduced corporate carbon footprint
• The mobility of the product will allow it to easily handle relocation/reconfiguration without having product end up in the landfill site