We Are Just Like Every Other Company…Until We Aren’t

As environmental concerns become more apparent, many companies are working to reduce their negative environmental impacts. So, we could tell you that just like everyone else we minimize our environmental impact by using natural resources for packaging and transportation, and we are responsible throughout our practices to reduce waste and energy use, and that we promote the reuse and recycling of products.

But here is how we are different than all those other companies:
Our furniture has been engineered to be set up and taken down hundreds of times without losing functionality. Because we are made of strong materials that can withstand folding and unfolding numerous times it makes sense to take your furniture with you when you move not move it to the landfill.

Tired of the look of your furniture you don’t have to buy all new pieces, you can simply switch the materials in your station right where it sits to give it a fresh look. You can change out panels and materials in the field as easily as changing a photograph in a picture frame. In the world of sustainability regeneration is always better than buying new.

Reduced carbon footprint. We can fit around 150 stations in one tractor trailer which is unheard of in the industry. Since Swiftspace units fold, you can fit many in one shipment to reduce transportation waste that comes along with an increased number of shipping trucks for large orders.

An office that includes sustainable furniture, lots of natural light, and an increase in greenery can help to create an ideal workspace. It has been proven that these work environments result in fewer sick days, more productivity among employees and an increase in cognition.

Next time you are searching for office furniture, make the smart choice to create a foundation of furniture that goes beyond environmental guidelines.
View more about our environmental standards and equip your office with smart furniture.

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