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One of the challenges of working from home is having a dedicated workspace that allows for proper concentration and ergonomics.  As most homes do not have extra rooms to be designated as a private work area this leaves many with the need to  share their bedrooms and dining tables with work , blurring the line between work/personal life.

Swiftspace is happy to bring you ‘Swivel’ our offering of Home Office Solutions.  Our Swivel products allow you to keep your work and personal life separate by simply turning your self contained private work area around creating a physical barrier to hide your work, or moving it in seconds to a different area of the house for the evening or weekend.   This option is available for our Shape, Fused and Solo products, which also have height adjustable options, meaning we can find an ergonomic home office solution for any space, no matter the size.

The Swivel Home Office products will be made available through our network of Dealers. Please contact your local Swiftspace Sales Rep, local Dealer, or email a Request for Quote  to lalasadi@swiftspaceinc.com.

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