When You Can’t Put Miles Between You and the Other Rider

While fitness centers have not been given the green light to open yet, it is only a matter of time before they get the “OK”. Now is the time to develop and implement your plan for getting your clients back actively using your facilities again.

Now you may be wondering what Swiftspace can do for fitness centers. While our Mobile Wall products are very popular in commercial spaces, they can also be used anywhere privacy and protection are required. Think about schools, hospitals, the manufacturing floor, restaurants, malls, and yes even fitness centers.

Our mobile walls can be used to create physical separation between equipment (pictured above) and can also be used in fitness classes. Many spin classes are taking out their bikes and renting them out to home users to participate in virtual classes. For the remaining in-person participants keep them safe by having physical separation. Fewer attendees? Change layouts on the fly!

Things aren’t going back to “normal” but, we can help you find your new normal. To learn more about our mobile walls, or any of our products click here

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