Unique Solutions During Unprecedented Times

The Swiftspace team has always challenged ourselves to create solutions for unique problems. With COVID-19 changing the way the world will work, this continues as we are constantly being asked by our customers to develop products for the “new normal”.

Recently we were approached by a school looking for a solution to help them with their new normal. As is the case with most organizations that deal with the public this school had a room by the main door that contained a reception station along with a back-office area with additional staff working. Prior to COVID-19 someone from the public would come inside the room and proceed to the reception area. This of course would expose all staff working in the room to this person. In the new normal they wanted to create a protected reception station that would also block the entrance to the room. Their current solution was a chair in the doorway with a taped-on sign asking parents, students, and visitors to please stay outside of the office for assistance. However, this makeshift solution did not work well as a physical barrier, it was not very inviting to outside visitors.

We tasked ourselves with creating a solution that not only blocked the door but also gave the person responsible for handling the public a protected venue to do that. AND true to our brand we made it mobile and easy to set up. The H-Wall comes in a width of 36” to fit any standard doorway, however, the width can be easily modified, or you can put two together and change the surface height of one for wheelchair access. During office hours simply roll the H-Wall into the doorway to keep parents, students, and visitors from entering. Reception can still interact with the public through the built-in window. Every H-Wall comes standard with a surface for the reception to be able to pass forms or sign-ins to visitors. Add our SHAPE to the office facing side to create a height-adjustable work area for receptionist. When office hours are over, simply roll the H-wall out of the doorway.

Although created for schools, the H-wall can be used anywhere! To learn more about the H-Wall or our other mobile wall products click here

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