The Height Adjust You Love, Double the Space

Now, more than ever, movement is important for our overall wellbeing. With many continuing to work from home or staying stationary at their office desk, we’ve all become a little stagnant. To help reduce not only our mental stress but also the stress on our bodies from sitting too long, it is important to periodically change posture, position, and even location.

Height adjust tables are a great solution for moving during the day, which is why we love the SHAPE. You’ve seen the single surface height adjusts on the market but, how many of those solutions allow you to bring two tables together to create one dual surface workstation? All the ergonomic benefits of a single surface, now with more workspace! AND it all folds up and rolls away when you need to move it or simply get it out of the way.

Add privacy to the work area, whether sitting or standing, with privacy panels. Attached to the surface, our privacy panels move with you, ensuring you have visual privacy even while standing. If you want to give your work area a more permanent look, with the same functionality, add our Surround Privacy Panels. Looking for even more privacy? Add panel extenders to your Surround panels!

With plenty of options for the Shape Height Adjust you can easily create a full office space that is an ergonomic dream, allows people to work their way, and is easy to reconfigure.

To learn more about our Shape Height Adjust desks click here

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