Swiftspace: Changing How and WHERE We Work

There is no denying that the way we work and where we work is changing. With many offices keeping their staff working from home, employees realized that their homes didn’t have areas that could provide a permanent 9-5 workspace. To help them with this, employers have been reaching out to Office Furniture Companies looking for solutions.

While working from home, some people are starting to feel wanderlust and a new trend is on the rise: “Long Term Stays”. Always wanted to book a month-long stay in the mountains? Or at the beach? Wish you could spend all summer at the cottage? With remote work, this is no longer out of the realm of possibilities!

The lockdowns have had us all looking for a change of scenery. Hotels around the world have seen an increase in travelers booking long term stays but, they aren’t necessarily prepared in terms of places to work. As hotels are usually a place to escape the office, they are now having to adapt to being a workplace and Swiftspace can help!

Just as offices are having to adapt to a new normal, so too are hotels. What was once used as ballrooms and conference rooms can now be transformed into workspaces and with Swiftspace furniture can easily be folded and moved, for when hotels can host events again. Hotels are now being faced with the same problem as those working from home. How do they create a private workspace in a suite that gives privacy from the rest of the family? Fortunately, Swiftspace offers plenty of products that are not only functional, they can also match the aesthetic of hotels.

There’s nothing better than an ergonomic desk, which is why we recommend the SHAPE for individual rooms. If travelers are planning on working in their room, they should definitely have the option of a sit to stand to keep moving during the day. For larger “open” workspaces we recommend the Fused, Flip, or Shape. Both the Fused and Flip have a small footprint and provide plenty of privacy and protection for users. All of our products are on casters, their mobility makes reconfiguration a breeze. Another benefit to Swiftspace? All surfaces can be provided with an Antimicrobial coating and are easy to wipe down after every use, aiding with the task of cleaning and keeping patrons safe.

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