Did You Bring the Sunscreen?

We are in the midst of summer and of course, we want to spend as much soaking up the sun and enjoying the warmer weather. Unfortunately for many of us, much of the day is spent in the office but, what if the office could be taken outside?

In the last year or so we have seen the expansion of what “Worker Well Being” really means. It is now much more than just having a height-adjustable table so you don’t sit all day. There was more focus on how our interior environment directly impacts our mental and physical health. Attention is being paid to types of lighting used in a workspace, gone are the days of fluorescent tubes that cause headaches! Colour psychology became more important as people learned how colour can affect people’s mood and work ethic. None of these topics were new, it was just more important.

One of the biggest changes we saw was the inclusion of an increased connection to nature. There are many online journals that talk about the importance of nature on a person’s well being. No question our mood is better when we are able to get outside (anyone who suffers from SAD can attest). Walls have come down giving us access to large windows that not only allowed us to SEE the outdoors, but the largest benefit was natural light spilling into our offices. In an effort to bring nature even closer Greenwalls or Living walls were a staple in almost any new office design.

This may sound crazy but our thinking is instead of bringing nature inside why don’t we create workspace outside. Swiftspace is made to be able to fold up in seconds and be moved without the need of installers, so why not make use of the empty space in your parking lot or patio to create outdoor landing spots for people to work. In 2019 let’s start thinking outside the box when it comes to our offices (or outside the building in this case). Think of how cool it would be expanding your casual Friday’s into outdoor Friday’s!

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