COVID-19 Has Taken Workstation Privacy to New Heights

COVID-19 has changed so many aspects of our lives, a large change being how and where we work. With organizations looking at how they can safely bring back employees, there has been an increased focus on physical barriers to create safe distancing. We may not have seen the last of open collaborative offices with touchdown spaces and hoteling stations but, we are certainly seeing a trend towards private, single-user, space.

Swiftspace solutions are not only designed to meet present-day office needs but with the many mobility, flexibility, and privacy options available you can be confident in your ability to respond quickly to change. Swiftspace is one of the few product lines that has many different versions and heights of privacy options that are fully integrated into their DNA. To learn more about any of our products click here

Don't replace your benching systems. Retrofit with privacy panels or Mobile Walls to create individual, protected workspace
Our stations are available in a variety of wall heights and widths. They fold to 15% of their size, or, fit through any standard size doorway.
Use a combination of Surround Privacy Panels or surface Privacy Panels to ensure privacy and protection move with you – from sit to stand

All our stations can be cleaned multiple times a day without degradation to the finish. There is also the option to have an anti-microbial treatment added – to learn more click here

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