Nesmith Library

Nesmith Library 

Nesmith Library serves the Windham, New Hampshire community. Their mission is to inspire, empower, and enrich the lives of readers of all ages; to be a space where the community comes together to share ideas; and to promote and defend intellectual freedom. When they found us on Google we were eager to help them find a solution for their space.

The Challenge 

Nesmith Library were looking for a 2 person unit. As this was an existing space our solution needed to fit within their current space plan. Nesmith Library is a community space so mobility was a MUST so they can reconfigure their space on the fly for events or programs. The solution also needed to be ADA compliant so that all users in the space would be able to use them.

The Process

The benefit to choosing Swiftspace is that ALL of our solution are mobile. When selecting a station the DOS Booth was an easy choice. This booth sits 2 users with the ability to add a third as the surface is ADA compliant and 3rd user can sit at the end. The dimensions of this unit allow it to fit through any standard size doorway and fit nicely within the existing space. The DOS also has the option for the back wall to be finished with writable whiteboard laminate which they staff at the Library loved!

The Solution

The final product is a big hit in the library and they are already considering a 3rd unit! The DOS Booth fits seamlessly within their space and looks like they could have always been there! We were not only able to meet all their considerations – mobility, ADA, and fitting within the space. The booths also offer privacy for users and flexibility with the writable wall.

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