Request form for Layout and Renderings

Need a 3D Rendering or a 2D Layout with your quote?

Fill out the form below and send it in an email to your Local Rep, who in turn will pass it on to the Swiftspace Team.

Click here to download the Request form 

You have watched the videos and have seen the strength of Swiftspace, now let’s talk about YOUR space.

Video: Hi, I’m Rob Way, CEO of Swiftspace. I’d like to invite you to consult our design and engineering team about your space. The steps are simple: we’ll gather some basic information about your space and how you need the furniture to perform in it. Our team will brainstorm the best solution for you. We’ll provide you renderings with our prescription for how best to maximize your space.”


Welcome to our Request for Rendering Page, where you have an opportunity to get very specific about your space.

What’s your challenge?  Do you need to change worker density frequently? Does the space need to be reconfigured on a regular basis?

Here’s where you tell us all about it. We’ll accept  whatever insight you have.   We love jpegs and dwg files of the area but  we will accept whatever format you have it (including stick figures and cocktail napkins).

We’ll put our engineering and design teams to work to prescribe and render the best possible solutions for your space. No charge. No strings attached.

Click here to download the Request form

Swiftspace: The future of Office Furnishings is here.

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