Swiftspace is officially a living wage employer

Swiftspace has officially become a certified Living Wage Employer. Providing a living wage means employees don’t need to worry about how they are going to stretch each paycheque to cover their expenses and provide for their family. Paying a living wage goes beyond providing the necessities. A living wage allows employees to take part in community and recreational programs that allow them to feel like they are truly a part of their community and have a sense of social inclusion. Implementing a living wage for all employees means investing in those workers as more than just employees, it shows that they are a valued member of their community.

“Swiftspace prides itself on maintaining a culture of caring about our employees and our community. It is important to us that our employees earn an income that is sufficient for them to pay for more than just the basic necessities of life, and that they and their families can live their lives with pride and self-respect,” says Rob Way, CEO.

Swiftspace encourages all employers to look into becoming a Living Wage Employer and to create a culture where employees are truly cared for.

The current living wage in Waterloo Region is $16.10. The living wage rate is the hourly wage someone working full-time, full-year needs to earn to cover their basic expenses and support social inclusion in community life. Find out more information and how to become a Living Wage Employer at http://livingwagewr.org/



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Swiftspace Swift Spaces: City of Hope Medical Center

Swift Spaces articles shed light on how people use Swiftspace products to solve problems and transform their workspaces. When they needed a flexible, configurable workspace, City of Hope Medical Center reached out to Olpin Group, a Swiftspace dealer in California.

City of Hope Medical Center is a leading research and treatment centre, located in Duarte, California. In 2016, they decided to configure an existing space to house 185 employees for a 6 month project, then reconfigure it for the next team that would use the space.  Swiftspace was the perfect fit.

They worked closely with the Swiftspace design team to plan the space, incorporating over 160 6’x6’ Solo+ Stations, 25 Manager-style Solo+ Stations, and 15 Rendezvous meeting booths.  Critical to the project was the ability to have a Title-24 compliant electrical system and easy to access data cabling for each station.  Swiftspace received the PO in mid-November, and less than 5 weeks later, a truck was on its way.  Within 2 hours of the truck arriving, we received this picture of the space, with all workstations rolled in place and ready to lay electrical in the integrated power-data troughs.

“Swiftspace is an amazing workstation, if this was typical workstation this would be a three week process not one day. If I wasn’t here watching it I am not sure I would believe 185 6’x6′ work stations could go up in one day.”

– Scott Olpin, The Olpin Group (a Swiftspace dealer)

City of Hope had already arranged for an electrician to wire in the basefeeds leading from the wall to the start of each run of stations, and the rest of the electrical components shipped with the workstations. Providing power and data to each station was just a matter of laying the data and power lines in the easy-access power trough.  Stations were connected together using jumpers with quick connect ends that fastened into double electrical boxes giving each station two duplex receptacles.   In less than 2 days, the office was ready for the new team to move in.

A few weeks later, the team at City of Hope sent us their thoughts on the workstations and a few pictures of the office decked out for a decorating contest.

Want to know more?  Watch the full install story here.

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Study by the AHA Shows How Healthy Employees Can Save Companies Money

The healthiest employees of Baptist Health South Florida incurred thousands of dollars less in healthcare costs and were less likely to be hospitalized or visit an emergency department than employees with moderate or poor health, according to a recent study.

Keep your employee health up by keeping them moving! Check out Swiftspace‘s  height adjustable desks on My Resource Library and to search for Sit-stand tables.



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Swiftspace Swift Spaces: Sheridan College

Swift Spaces articles shed light on how people use Swiftspace products to solve problems and transform their workspaces.  Read on to take a peek inside Sheridan’s new Hazel McCallion Campus.

Sheridan College has been called the “Harvard of animation”, and its graduates regularly go on to work at Pixar, Dreamworks, and other high profile studios.  With so many creative minds coming out of Sheridan, what do designers choose to put into it?

When Sheridan designed their new Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga, they decided to use nine Swiftspace Rendezvous meeting booths to inspire their students to collaborate. Bold colour combinations and bright finishes create an inviting atmosphere for students to hang out and interact.

Students say the booths are a hit: they make a great touchdown spot for quick meetings, and the high walls allow more speech privacy than a table and chairs could.  The booths by the elevators are particularly popular, as students pause there between classes.

The college appreciates the consistent look afforded by the permanency of the fixed-style benching.  Because the benches are single units that can lock together, the familiar problem of chairs migrating from room to room is solved.  After over half a year of heavy traffic, these Rendezvous are still as bold and beautiful as the day they rolled them into place.

A big thank you to Sheridan College for choosing Swiftspace to show off your creative side.

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Swiftspace is now LIVE on My Resource Library!


We are pleased to offer you Swiftspace’s Digital Binder for your use on MyResourceLibrary.com, a leading resource of digital brochures, cut-sheets and promotional materials for the contract furniture industry.

If you already have a My Resources Library account the Swiftspace Binder is available now. Accounts on MyResourceLibrary.com are free to sign up for and can be created here if you do not yet have one 

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Swiftspace Swift Spaces: The Working Centre

Swift Spaces articles shed light on how people use Swiftspace products to solve problems and transform their workspaces.  Today, we’re checking in at The Working Centre in downtown Kitchener.

Swiftspace at The Working Centre’s new collaborative space

The Working Centre, a not-for-profit instrument of self-help community development, is all about creating opportunity and seeing possibility, so it shouldn’t have surprised us when they saw new and transformative ways to harness Swiftspace’s potential.

They approached us in spring 2016, looking to furnish a collaborative workspace for their new Youth Entrepreneurship Program.  Our CEO, Rob Way, stopped by to see how it all came together.

They sculpted their space using 3 Double FORESIGHTS and one SHAPE.  By folding down one of the FORESIGHT surfaces, they created room to roll in the SHAPE, providing an ergonomic height-adjustable station.  Mounting a transaction top and closing half of another FORESIGHT transformed our benching system into a two-tiered desk with seated- and standing-height worksurfaces.

Down the hall, a long, narrow room has been converted to an adaptable co-working space.  Work-from-home professionals or groups who need temporary office space can reconfigure the Double FORESIGHTS here to design their own personal workstation, team centre, or meeting space.

The Foresights in The Working Centre’s co-working space can be easily reconfigured, transforming the room into a multi-purpose space.

When we asked Nathan Stretch, of The Working Centre, what he thought of the new office, here’s what he had to say:

  • The furniture is versatile. We are able to use a combination of desks and accessories to create a unique workspace that accommodates a variety of users and user preferences (standing, sitting, more or less privacy, supervisory) – and it works in our space.
  • People want to come and use the space despite the non-traditional working set-up.
  • It’s built to last – combining high quality materials and hardware with innovative design elements without sacrificing look and feel.
  • The furniture encourages clean lines and facilitates cord management in a way that allows you to maintain modern design elements even while hosting creative use. This is hard to do.  Creative space is usually cluttered space, but the lines of the furniture cut through and the design is never truly obscured.
  • It’s a pleasure to work with – how often can you say that about office furniture! The furniture doesn’t fight you, doesn’t fall apart, doesn’t resist transition and change, and has a wider scope of possibility than most desks.


Thanks, Nathan!  We’re happy to hear how Swiftspace is working for you!


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Swiftspace @ AIA Orlando 2017

Going to the AIA show in Orlando 2017?

So is Swiftspace! you can find us at Booth #3387

Swiftspace will be showing off:

  • New Integrated power/data bottom trough for the SOLO line,
  • New SOLO line caster covers
  • New acoustical solutions for collaborative areas

Hope to see you there!


Can’t make it to the AIA show? Click the link below to see the other events we are attending near your area!



AIA Event Website Links:



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Cool places to collaborate: Sheridan College TO

 Sheridan College, Toronto, Canada – Student Meeting Areas.

Swiftspace RENDEZVOUS Installation


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Memo to the Swiftspace Sales Team

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Swiftspace Holiday Schedule 2016

First of all, the entire Swiftspace team would like to thank all of our friends and colleagues for another terrific year! We are starting to get asked about shutdowns and when orders need to be placed to ensure delivery before the holidays. As our Canadian thanksgiving is over the Swiftspace team will be busy throughout November. For our friends south of the border we hope you will have a great thanksgiving. We will be open Thursday and Friday (Nov 24 and 25) should anything come up but we hope you will all be taking a well deserved break.

With Christmas just 8 Saturday’s away we have had a number of our suppliers inform us that they will be shutting down production for the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  As such we wanted to let everyone know our expected lead-times for orders. These lead times are a guideline. Actual dates may vary depending on qty, customs, colours etc.

Orders received prior to Nov 11th will ship in our standard 4 week lead time.

Order received From Nov 12th to Nov 18th will ship on Dec 16th for delivery.

 This is Last week for orders to ship prior to the holidays.

Orders received up to Dec 2nd will ship on January 6th, 2017

Orders received up to Dec 9th will ship on January 13th, 2017

Orders received up to Dec 16th  will ship on January 20th, 2017

Orders received up to Dec 23rd will ship on January 27th, 2017

Orders received up to Jan 6th will ship on February 3rd, 2017

After January 6th, we will go back to a regular 4 week shipping schedule.

Happy Holidays,

“The Swiftspace Team”

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