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Top 5 Reasons Organizations Love Swiftspace

  • Long Lasting Durability

    While Swiftspace products make permanence an option, they are built to withstand punishment day in and day out without failing.  The best materials have been selected in the manufacturing process and any possible defects were worked out in the testing phase to ensure that you, the end customer, gets the very best product at the best possible price.  Swiftspace products are prepared to make the long haul with you and your company.
  • Easily Scalable

    Success in the modern business world requires an ability to adapt.  Predicting the future is a dangerous game of assumptions.  Swiftspace office solutions will grow or shrink with your changing company dynamics.  These systems are built to do away with the guessing game.Whether you need to scale up or scale down, the Swiftspace product line can make that shift easier.  With the ability to fold down to very manageable dimensions, these workspaces can be stored away or setup at a moment’s notice.
  • Saves Time and Money

    Pay competitive prices today, but save tremendous amounts of money and time tomorrow, with Swiftspace.  Every model in the Swiftspace product line can be setup in just two minutes by an untrained individual.  There is no need to hire a professional team to install or reconfigure your office when you have invested in the easily maneuvered Swiftspace solutions.
  • Increased Productivity

    Get more out of your employees when morale is high and innovation is outwardly supported.  The Swiftspace product line allows your office to have the best of both worlds – private workstations to drown out possible distractions, and open space areas for positive collaboration.
  • Flexibility in the Workplace

    Today, tight deadlines have employees tied to their desks, but tomorrow a prospective client will require innovative collaboration.  With Swiftspace solutions, it is possible to accommodate the needs of the staff with easily maneuverable workstations that make your office perfectly adaptable.

Fans of Swiftspace Products

What Makes Swiftspace So Innovative?


Quick and Easy Setup

In an ever-changing modern business world, Swiftspace offers maneuverability and adaptability unlike anything else currently on the market.

Mobility and Portability

All of the Swiftspace products are on castors for easy moving. The single-piece designs allow the products to be easily transported.

No Professional Installers Required

You can change your entire office setup in no time at all, with no help, and no tools thanks to Swiftspace’s ingenious product line. Castors, hinges, and simple clasps make setup a one-person job.

Unique and Customizable

There are many available options and accessories with the Swiftspace line, which means that your company can have it just the way you want it. Mix and match from the product line to create the ideal workspace for your business.

Foldable and Easy To Store

Permanence is an option with Swiftspace. Easily fold down units into compact, storable dimensions and never worry about losing parts or pieces.

Engineered to Last

Built with high end materials and having undergone rigorous testing, Swiftspace products have demonstrated an ability to withstand the many stresses of the working world.

Swiftspace Product Line

Swiftspace recognizes that no two offices are exactly alike. The needs of your staff and the layout of your office space can be ideally accommodated with these innovative workspace solutions.

How Much Does Swiftspace Cost?

Swiftspace workplace solutions can be delivered and installed for as little as $24. Initial costs are competitive with traditional desking systems, but the long-term expense of Swiftspace products is a fraction of what a company would spend on the less adaptable options.

Planning Ideas

Explore the endless possibilities Swiftspace will provide your business
Office - 440x330

Business Offices

Instead of using different types of furniture and additional space to create different avenues to work smart organizations are choosing furniture that changes quickly to work in different ways. The modern employee is not expecting to be confined to a cubicle five days per week, from 9:00 to 5:00. They expect social work environments and unconventional schedules, but also realize that, at certain times, it will be necessary to silently focus.
Hotel Lobby - 440x330 -2

Hotels and Resorts

Are you looking for ways to transform your lobby area into a social area at night? Are you expecting a sudden influx of guests, requiring more staff to be actively on duty? Do special events call for more desk space, greeting stations, or private meeting areas? Are you looking for ways to create meeting space for your guests? All of these problems can be addressed with Swiftspace workspace solutions. The benchmark for Hotels and resorts is the high level of service they provide. Take a look at some of the ideas in the Planning Centre to see how we can help you serve your guests in a better way. 
Restaruant - 440x330

Restaurants and Retail

Your business is built on the ability to maximize the number of customers you can serve in the space you have. Let the customers believe that the flawless service occurs naturally, but you know that, behind the scenes, much more is going on. Take a look at some of the ideas in the Planning Centre to see how you can create private eating booths in under a minute and then fold them back up again to reclaim the space. Or how you can multiply your physical contact points with customers using quickly set-up mobile retail stations. 
Tradeshow - 440x330

Exhibits and Conferences

Anytime your company can showcase itself in front of an interested audience, it is good for business. When you make the decision to attend a trade show you spend a lot of company resources to make sure that you are portraying your company in a way that promotes your brand. The goal for any exhibitor is to first get those walking by to stop and then secondly to maximize the amount of time they spend listening to your message. To do that you need a space with the flare to make them stop from afar and then provide them with space to sit and hear your message. Take a look at the Planning Centre to see how complex booths, complete with mobile meeting booths, can be designed using the Swiftspace concept so that they can be set-up in minutes without tools by anyone.  

Any Workspace Situation

The most successful businesspersons are those that understand that nothing in life is predictable. Unexpected situations arise frequently. The Swiftspace product line is the perfect solution to a wide variety of workspace needs, fitting everything from the most traditional office to the highly unusual and unexpected venue. Because Swiftspace desking systems can be folded down, are easily portable, and require no tools for setup, they are the last minute solution when business throws an unexpected curveball your way. ExplorePlanning

There’s Nothing Better Than Seeing Swiftspace in Action

Desking and benching systems are not new concepts, but what sets Swiftspace apart from the rest is the innovative way that they are put to use. Though this product line is built for durability and very long term use, the systems are also highly maneuverable, easily stored, and can be used to transform a space multiple times in a single day. These systems have been built to alleviate the need for business owners and managers to predict the future. Swiftspace workstations allow a space to adapt with the needs of the staff.The amazing capabilities of the Swiftspace line cannot be fully appreciated unless it is witnessed in person, so we encourage you to take us for a test ride. Schedule a demonstration today and see for yourself the world of possibilities that exist with Swiftspace office solutions.

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Fans of Swiftspace Products

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