Working From Home? Swiftspace Has Your Back!

With the current COVID-19 pandemic many people around the world have had to make the difficult transition to work from home. This unexpected change may be challenging for some as they struggle to find a balance in this new reality.

It’s important to set boundaries when working from home to prevent burnout. The easiest solution is set and stick too, ‘working hours’. These could be the same hours you would have spent in the office, your typical 9-5. Don’t forget to take your lunch break! Set an alarm if you have to or you may fall into the trap of sitting for hours without moving.

Now you’ve set up your working hours and you are taking breaks to stretch and rest your eyes from staring at your screen. So how do you create a divide between your work and personal life when your ‘office’ is now the kitchen table? Work/life balance is a lot easier to maintain when you use the most important concept in the world “physical distancing”.

What if you could fold up your office at the end of the day and store it away for when it was next needed? Wouldn’t weekends be more relaxing if you weren’t staring at piles of paper? With the SHAPE and FUSED you have a couple of options to help you physically keep work and personal life separate. You know the old adage “Out of sight, out of mind”, well with the Swiftspace Home Office solutions we make this a reality. With all of our products on castors, you can simply move your ‘office’ out into the garage or spare bedroom at the end of your working hours. Or turn them 90o to use as a photo wall

One of the best features of the SHAPE and FUSED are their height adjustability! You can move from sit to stand throughout the day, keeping the body moving while stuck inside will be more important than ever.

Keep your workspace looking neat and organized with the accessory rail where you can mount your monitor or add paper storage to keep your worksurface free of loose paper. The mobile storage also acts as an extra seat, this is great for parents working from home with kids who need help with online school. The adjustability of the whiteboard surface means you can switch to a drafting angle and create an easily cleaned drawing surface to entertain kids.

Working from home can be difficult for some but, it’s our hope that these solutions will aid you in this current situation.


-The Swiftspace Team

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