We’re Going To Neocon!

Did your last furniture choice elicit these type of responses?
“With its quick turn-around pull a rabbit out of your hat solutions This product will for you as it has for me made my life as a coordinator for furniture moves so much easier.
– Move Coordinator
” You will save hundreds of hours designing and planning thousands of system furniture parts and pieces trying to make every office beautiful and perfect.  I did for years”                     

        – Designer

We are loving our Swiftspace desks!  They have already proven themselves invaluable!  Could I get a quote for four more of the same units that we recently purchased? our Move Crew/Furniture Installation Team also loved them
– Designer

Collect all four pieces of the puzzle and bring them to the Swiftspace Booth 7-2073 for the chance to win a Dos Meeting Booth for your organization.
DOS Station
Watch for the next puzzle piece on May 21st!

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