Taking Your Office Outside

Organizations can re-establish their office culture after working from home for months, with outdoor workspaces. People want to work outdoors for a variety of reasons, the benefit to our mental health being the main one. The other benefit is the ability to connect with nature and reconnect with co-workers. While we can’t ditch digital meetings completely, outdoor meetings have been a growing alternative. Outdoor space doesn’t have to just be for breaks and lunchtime. Create a productive outdoor workspace where people can safely collaborate with others and with Swiftspace you can easily move indoors too.

Ergonomics will still play an important role in outdoor workspace, keep people moving with Height Adjustable tables. The SHAPE can be equipped with a battery pack that will let users work outside for hours without needing to plug in.

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In-person collaboration can be done with benching systems that allow people to sit diagonally across from each other, maintaining social distancing regulations (6ft/2m)

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Foresight (Double)
Mobile Wall (Aluminum)

Provide the tools needed for collaboration with Mobile Walls with whiteboard finish. Keep cleaning tools handy with magnetic accessories

Featured Product:
Mobile Wall (Aluminum)

For more private workspace, roll out the SOLO with optional Fold Down Walls that allow for quick transitions from private to collaborative

Move your outdoor workspace inside with 650 lbs ball-bearing casters that can handle almost any terrain, including asphalt.

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Whatever the office of the future looks like, Swiftspace has plenty of solutions to help you adapt! 

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