Stealth. Discreet. Lift.

Another game changer from Swiftspace!

Until now, when specifying your workspace you need to make a decision on whether you wanted a fixed height or height-adjustable surface. If you want height adjustable, your choice is a worktable that goes up and down but has few privacy options or a height-adjustable work surface that sits on your current fixed-height surface but is extremely intrusive.

Swiftspace took it one step beyond to make a product that is more convenient and cost-effective. The Lift is a pneumatic sit-stand solution that can be integrated into the work surface of either our Solo or Foresight product families giving you the freedom of height adjustability whenever you want.

It sits virtually flush with the surface; its lowest position is 29” and is easily adjusted up to 44” by engaging the levers on either side. There are 12 height variations to allow for various height preferences. The Lift can hold a maximum of 22 pounds, making it the perfect solution for laptops or single monitors and a keyboard.

Take your station from a static surface to a flexible, adaptable workstation with a simple lift.

View just how easily the surface lifts out of the work surface and then retracts back down into an almost-flat position.

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