See You Next Week at NeoCon!

Visit us at NeoCon Booth 7-2073, June 10-12

There are only 5 days left till NeoCon and we are so excited for you to see what we’ve been working for these past few months! We are releasing a lot of new products and NeoCon is going to be the place to see them all first hand.

For a preview of the new Shift, check out this video here.  All the benefits of the SOLO, with a new look.

The Shift won’t be the only new product you can see at our booth; take a seat in our new DOS booth, or try out the height adjustable FUSED. As always you will be able to see our SOLO station in action at our booth as well. We can’t bring everything to NeoCon (unfortunately) so make sure to ask about our other new products!

Collect all four pieces of the puzzle (this is the final piece!) and bring them to the Swiftspace Booth 7-2073 for the chance to win a DOS meeting booth for your organization. Missed the previous pieces? Parts 1-3 can be found on our homepage, just click on the corresponding button!

Dos Workstation

If you’ve made it all the way to the end of this blog here’s a secret: we will be releasing the brochures for the new products this Friday at 10am, make sure to check out our website to see the products just ahead of NeoCon!

See you there!

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