Swiftspace Webinar Series

An Introduction to Swiftspace Webinar Series

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Webinar Topics

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Comprehensive OverviewSwiftspace –  A Comprehensive Overview to Mobile Modular Furniture, Private Offices, Height Adjustable Tables, Conferencing Hubs, and Multiple Use Space.  You will discover solutions to problems you didn’t know existed  

45 Minutes

A Closer Look At Swiftspace – The New  Normal How we believe spaces will be furnished in the 3rd quarter of 2020 – What designers and Facility managers will be looking for in designing spaces. Will the cubical return ? Will Benching be the same?,  How might the collaborative space be different? What will the impact of the unions be? Will the Health & Safety department have increased influence in the decision of furniture standards? Solutions for Social Distancing with Standard Products

45 Minutes

It’s Not the Furniture – It’s the Real EstateThis shifts the emphasis away from  the furniture and identifies the real cost in the facility – the People, the logistics, the Environment – and the Real Estate. This is an eye opening webinar! We take a close look at the hidden cost of logistics, and the underutilized real estate we already rent or own. You will discover that in many cases, Swiftspace furniture is less costly than used furniture.

45 Minutes

Return On InvestmentThis puts the cost of the furniture in the USERS’ environment into perspective. Totally modifiable – Input a few pieces of data and find the true cost of a used workstation, or a new Grade A system vs Swiftspace. Review a matrix of questions to ask. See how a Swiftspace workstation in many cases is LESS than used furniture.

30 – 45 minutes

Swing SpaceAvoid renting or purchasing “ throw away” furniture for swing space. Swiftspace is multipurpose furniture. It can move from one area to another, and in many cases reconfigure its’ footprint in minutes. There are significant impacts in logistics, and dollar savings in employee downtime and installation fees.

45 Minutes

The World of Mobility  – What does the market currently look like with solutions form those manufacturers who have developed products for this exploding market? If you are positioning your self to present mobile furniture solutions to your customer, this webinar will jump start you in understanding the various solutions that are out there.

30 Minutes

The Lost Art of Selling Commercial Furniture –  The focus in on the Workstation. Most agree that workstations became a generic commodity in the eyes of the market in the last 20 years. Consequentially with all products perhaps not looking exactly the same, few if any distinguish themselves by offering any measurable difference in “Function”. As such discussions of Features, Advantages and Benefits have become a lost art in the sales process. Think about it –  Do you get a presentation from the Auto Salesman on the benefits of having a car? When is the last time hour had to convince a customer to buy a workstation? This is the perfect opportunity for the veterans of the industry to “re-discover” concepts and techniques. For those new to selling commercial furniture, this webinar will arm them with something other than price competition.  

45 Minutes with Q&A

It’s a BUSINESS – This discussion is for Dealer Principals. It focuses on WORKSTATIONS and selecting the solutions that Increases your MARKET SHARE and MARGINS. Customarily, If you are able to secure the workstations – you secure the remainder of the project as well.

It take a closer look at the hard and soft  costs of the entire process from finding a prospect to closing a sale.

45 Minutes with Q&A