Want to Work Outdoors? Swiftspace has Solutions

Looking for ways to bring back employees and keep physical distancing? One way to do it is to take advantage of the space outside your walls, plus your employees will love it! With only 8 weeks left of summer, many of them have become “shut-ins” because of COVID-19 so they would welcome the opportunity to get back outside and soak up some sun.

We all know the positive impact being outside can have on both our physical and mental health. So how can we get out during our busy workday? It’s time to move outside of the box that is our office and take our workspace outside. Outdoor workspace has been on the rise for a few years, with many companies having patio space for people to work outdoors but during these uncertain times it has its real-time to shine and with Swiftspace it’s now even easier!

Outdoor office (pictured) requires approx. 630sq.ft.

What makes an outdoor office with Swiftspace so easy? Our mobility and flexibility. All of our stations come on casters making the transition from indoors to outdoors, a breeze. Since all of our stations can be set-up and taken down in less than two minutes without the need for installers any employee can take their work outside.

You can check out 8 Swiftspace Solo stations being set up in less than 6 minutes here

The way we work in changing indoors, or out, Swiftspace has a solution!

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