The Future is Here, and it’s Name is Swiftspace

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To summarize an article shared among the office; Design studio Rapt has concepts for what they envision to be the future of office space. Cubicles that can be moved around by robots and a non-toxic fog that creates a privacy bubble around the users are two of the ideas discussed. Here at Swiftspace, we may not have robots or special fog, but we have nailed down flexible workspaces that can be reconfigured in seconds.

The current corporate trend of open office floor plans doesn’t seem to be slowing down, but it isn’t always conducive for getting work done. Reports need to be finished by end of day, you have a presentation in an hour you need to prep for, or you have a blog post you need to write; but your neighbours are talking about their personal lives and you can’t tune them out. You need privacy to get your work finished.

With Swiftspace workstations and various privacy options, you can create a perfect blend of collaborative and private spaces, where workers can come together, or really get their heads down to work. The Foresight benching systems are a great way to create a collaborative space, but also have privacy panel options to create a more personal workspace within a group environment. For users who are craving a more cubicle-esque space so as to be left to work in private, the Solo station is the answer.

The Rendezvous is an excellent touchdown space for any office space. Workers can use this station for quick meetings with co-workers, or for individual use, but subtly let others know they are still open for a quick chat. Users can also quickly transition from private to collaborative with the Flip of the table.

Check out how Swiftspace provides flexibility within seconds with the Power of One.

You won’t need fancy fog or robots to create flexible and aesthetically pleasing workspaces in seconds, you just need Swiftspace.

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