Swiftspace’s Return to Office Tips

With no way to know when it will be safe to do so, return to work has been a hot topic. As we’ve all seen over the last 2 years, it’s difficult to plan around the unpredictable. So how can you set your office up for success? We’ve put together a couple of tips we think will be helpful for returning to work and setting your office up for the unpredictable.

Since Swiftspace furniture is mobile this makes rearranging your space a much easier task. Easily create space for social distancing by moving your stations accordingly – without the need for outside installers/movers.

When it comes to return to work, we have to embrace variety. With people working from home for such a long period they have grown accustomed to adjusting their workspace for what suits them best – this needs to carry over into the office space as well.

We need to accommodate different workings styles, not everyone works well in a collaborative group setting and we need to support those users with private, noise free, productive space – without using drywall to section off spaces. For this, we recommend the Fused or Shift stations with ezoBord addons for sound absorption. These stations allow for focused, solo work that can easily be customized with Whiteboard accessories, panel extenders for added privacy, and Height Adjustability for ergonomics.

Allowing employees to decide what works for them means letting them decide when is the time for collaborative work. By providing spaces for small groups to meet it will give employees the flexibility to transition throughout the day. Using Mobile Walls that can double as whiteboards allows for small private meetings space to be created. We like the combination of the DOS bench and unify tables to create small meeting pods – or even be a space for solo work in a more laidback atmosphere. The DOS booth is a great space for 2 person meetings and can even accommodate up to 4 when the back wall is dropped and they are pushed together.

The big takeaway is allowing employees some freedom of choice in how and where they work in the office.

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