Swiftspace Solutions in a Climate Crisis

Which do you think has a better environmental story? To find out, keep reading below!

Now that we’re into February it’s time to check in on those New Year’s resolutions! Are you keeping up with them? Maybe you’ve already given up on a few. Studies say it takes 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic. If one of your 2020 goals is to be more environmentally conscious then keep reading to see what Swiftspace is doing to reduce our environmental impact!

Let’s start with the obvious; our stations are mobile and fold to less than half their size. The ease of reconfiguration and relocation with Swiftspace means less in our landfills, stations can move with you. Since our stations can fold, even when not in use they can be stored thus reducing space requirements and corporate carbon footprint. All station components can easily be replaced in the field, extending the life of the product.

Swiftspace stations ship fully assembled, they roll right off the truck and into their final destination by anyone, eliminating the need for installers. With fewer people travelling to a site you reduce the emissions associated with driving. Speaking of transportation, Swiftspace stations ship at 15% of the space of standard stations and at 40-50% of the weight. This means you can fit more stations into one truck, reducing the carbon footprint.

Now let’s get into the details, specifically materials used. ALL our laminates are made with FSC certified wood. The short story is the wood comes from sustainably maintained forests for a more detailed explanation click here. All our panel dimensions are sized to utilize full 8’x4’ sheet, to get the most yield and no waste scrap. For those who choose ezoBord panels, you can feel safe in that selection knowing that the material is 100% recyclable and made from 60% recycled PET plastic.

We always use recycled materials when possible, this includes the skids we ship our products on and the cardboard the products are packaged in. Our aluminum and panels are shipped to us on recycled skids as well! Our station covers are made with commercial-grade furniture vinyl diverted from landfills.

To learn more about our environmental efforts click here.

We only have one planet; we can all take steps to keep it healthy!

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