Swiftspace – Certified Living Wage Employer

Swiftspace has officially become a certified Living Wage Employer. Providing a living wage means employees don’t need to worry about how they are going to stretch each paycheque to cover their expenses and provide for their family. Paying a living wage goes beyond providing the necessities. A living wage allows employees to take part in community and recreational programs that allow them to feel like they are truly a part of their community and have a sense of social inclusion. Implementing a living wage for all employees means investing in those workers as more than just employees, it shows that they are a valued member of their community.

“Swiftspace prides itself on maintaining a culture of caring about our employees and our community. It is important to us that our employees earn an income that is sufficient for them to pay for more than just the basic necessities of life, and that they and their families can live their lives with pride and self-respect,” says Rob Way, CEO.

Swiftspace encourages all employers to look into becoming a Living Wage Employer and to create a culture where employees are truly cared for.

The current living wage in Waterloo Region is $16.10. The living wage rate is the hourly wage someone working full-time, full-year needs to earn to cover their basic expenses and support social inclusion in community life. Find out more information and how to become a Living Wage Employer at http://livingwagewr.org/

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