Looking for Mobility and Flexibility? Look No Further than the DOS

As people start to implement return to work strategies, part of those plans will include discussion of what the office will look like. Having worked from home, many employees will have figured out their individual work styles with could be more collaborative, independent or a mix of both. The office space will have to accommodate all workstyles. When it comes to creating these spaces, what are designers going to be looking for? Flexibility, Comfort and the ability to Reconfigure. 


Like all Swiftspace stations, the DOS was designed to be mobile. Bring stations together to create a team workspace. Make the most of your space by lining booths up along a wall


Working on a collaborative project? Come together in the DOS booth and benches. Looking for a quiet place space to focus? The DOS Plus was designed with independence in mind. 


One Station, multiple solutions. Bench Seating, Collaborative Booths and Private Work Zones. No matter your work style, the DOS can accommodate  


All DOS Solutions include lumbar support for user comfort. The DOS Plus was built as a personal space to help manage noise and disruptions. It includes adjustable lighting, ezoBord sound absorbing material, ventilation and doors a complete wellness space.  

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