If You Can Move It, You Won’t Lose It!

In a previous blog, we discussed the benefits of using Swiftspace furniture in the event of a disaster, if you missed it or are interested in reading more Part 1 can be found here. The last blog focused on disasters that come without warning and require offices and help stations that can be set up quickly in a time crunch. However, this isn’t always the case sometimes we do have notice about impending disaster and we can properly prepare. Having a quick and easy solution is still the ideal outcome and Swiftspace is still the best choice in these circumstances.

Consider this, your office location sits in a flood plain and your area has been receiving a lot of rain. With advance notice, standard office furniture would need installers and time to move their pieces. With Swiftspace your whole office can be folded and moved to higher ground in a matter of minutes. It can be set-up short term in another location and then put back in place once the office interiors have been repaired.

The benefit of being able to quickly move your office to a new location means no loss of time or profits and your staff doesn’t have a huge disruption in their work week. Plus employees who are already facing a stressful situation get to work in a familiar environment.

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