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Get MORE Out Of Your Height Adjust With Swiftspace

October was National Ergonomics month and while we appreciate this focus on such an important aspect in our work life we’re left thinking, isn’t there more to office ergonomics than just office chairs, ergonomic desk accessories and height adjust desks?

Height-adjust desks are a popular choice in office design – and we understand why. From being able to set up your desk to the correct height, to having the ability to move throughout the day – a height adjust is a simple solution. 

But what if it could offer more? 

Here at Swiftspace, we’ve put a lot of thought into the design of our Height-Adjustable solutions. We’re the only manufacturer on the market that has a fully integrated height adjust desk with privacy walls – and the station is completely mobile.

Our new SHIFT combines everything you would expect out of a Swiftspace workstation:

  • Ships fully assembled 

  • Designed with 650lbs ball bearing casters for ease of mobility and reconfiguration 

  • Folds to 15% of it’s open footprint 

  • A height adjustable, 3 leg desk 

  • Privacy walls that come in various height and width

  • Ability to add ezoBord acoustic panel or Quiet Earth Moss panels

We also offer the FUSED, a solution that provides both privacy, height adjustability and built in storage in a compact mobile station.

Of course, if you are looking for a standard height adjust desk there’s always the SHAPE. Easily upgrade this desk with accessory rails, ezoBord privacy or even a power trough! 

All of our height-adjustable solutions have a range of 21.9” to 48.1” and are designed to promote movement – and well- being – with our simple touch paddle. The simple touch paddle allows users to move their desk up and down, effortlessly, without breaking their focus on work. Connect with Bluetooth to the Desk Control App to set up a profile with preset desk heights, standing reminders and activity tracker.

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