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When disaster strikes our lives are flipped upside-down. The world is chaotic and people are in a panic, unsure when life will return to normal. So what can we do to ease the frenzy?
You can’t prepare for the unknown, and disasters are never planned often coming without notice. The best way to prepare for a disaster is to have a plan in place ahead of time. For steps on what to do after disaster strikes, you can view our previous blog here: When Disaster Happens Swiftspace Stations Spring Into Action!

An aspect of disaster relief that is often overlooked are the people that provide aid and relief, there are still jobs that need to be done and people work while worrying about their own family, home and friends.

So how does Swiftspace come into play? The swift and flexible nature of the set-up of the stations allows emergency stations to quickly be set-up at a moment’s notice. Should businesses need to relocate stations can be uninstalled and moved without the need of installers. The finishes of every station maintain a clean, ‘home-like’ feeling moving away from the clinical appearance of temporary furniture that is often mixed and matched in a rush.

The big differentiator for Swiftspace is the ability to personalize stations and create familiarity. With tackable surfaces, users can keep pictures of friends and family close by. This not only helps workers to feel more stable, but it also helps to humanize the stations, so all users in the space benefit from a small comfort.

Click here to learn more about our products, that can help you quickly get back to normal after disaster strikes.

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