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About Swiftspace

Swiftspace is a Canadian company located in Kitchener, Ontario. We were built on the belief that employees deserve aesthetically pleasing but functional workspaces that can easily adapt and reconfigure to how they want to work. Our solutions replace traditional workstations that are immobile, inflexible, and are very labor-intensive to set up and take down.

Swiftspace’s many product lines provide a comprehensive solution that will meet the needs of any organization’s workspace requirements, from private or collaborative individual spaces to multi-person meeting areas. Swiftspace products allow organizations to reconfigure their workspaces, without the use of tools or professional installers, within minutes. Swiftspace products create flexible, accessible office systems that can be adapted to handle the always-present need to change and evolve in order to survive.

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Corporate, Strategic & Manufacturing Enquiries

Rob Way


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Office: 519-896-5269
Cell: 519-573-5673

Kevin King


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Cell: 519-212-6767

Tommy Zinger

Production/Manufacturing Coordinator

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Office: 519-896-8152

Sales, Marketing, Engineering & Design Enquiries

Lauren Medford

Product and Space

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Office: 519-896-1151

Gemma Gjorkes

Brand and Marketing

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Accounting Enquiries

Sheila Ruthardt

Accounting Specialist

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Our Values

Our mission is what we live by each and every day.

We aim to design and deliver functional workspaces that are aesthetically pleasing and have the mobility and flexibility to allow organizations the freedom to change how their employees work.

Our mission is what we live by each and every day.

We want to be the company of choice for organizations that value mobility and flexibility in today’s workplace.

Our mission is what we live by each and every day.

Innovation is at our core, and leads the way that we transform space. The contributions and safety of our employees are paramount. Transparency and integrity in our dealings with our customers and suppliers is our whole-hearted commitment. And finally, be proud to manufacture the highest of quality products with as minimal impact on our environment as possible.

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Available Job Opening: Posted on Indeed

If you’re interested in joining Swiftspace, and you don’t see any postings on our Indeed pages, please reach out to us by email.

We care about environmental sustainability

Whether you have formal environmental policies or not, we know you share our commitment to sustainability. Here are just a few of our environmental goals and commitments:

  • To adopt the highest environmental standards in the industry
  • To actively promote recycling or re-use of materials, whether generated by our business or our customers
  • To ensure the disposal of unusable waste is safe and minimizes any long term environmental impact
  • To work closely with our suppliers to share our goals and minimize the impact to the environment of our shared operations
  • To ensure all company vehicles are designed and maintained to achieve maximum fuel efficiency and reduced emissions

What does that mean to you? We want you to know that you’re dealing with a reliable team that has rigorous commitments to the environment. Please talk to any of our team about how we’re implementing these goals, and working together to make a difference!

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