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City of Hope Hospital

Duarte, California – Swiftspace Install


David Achilleus

Epic HIM & Identity Principal Trainer | ConnectHope

“The cubicles provide plentiful workspace with an appreciated versatility within: the built in white board sections are now a must on my list of workspace requirements.  At first the units do not betray their portability and the relative ease of installation – modern materials and color scheme alleviate the heaviness often present in office spaces.  This ‘lightness’ carries through when you start to appreciate the construction of the units and notice the castor wheels and wall hinges.  This does not distract, rather it enhances the collaborative effect”


Joy Klucas

Epic Principal Trainer | ConnectHope

“I would first like to compliment the construction and sturdiness of the furniture.  They are spacious and provide a working area that is productive for the work we perform on a day to day. From the White Boards, the pin up areas, locking desk drawer for added security and the electrical strip appropriately place for ease of  use.  It’s the little things that make the difference.  The storage is appropriate for my work needs and the clean design of the room and set up creates and promotes an open work environment”


Sun Life Financial

 Toronto, Ontario –  Swiftspace Install

Sun Life Logo with-padding


We used a lean approach to the delivery and install.

We did not want packaging materials on the floor that we would have to double and triple handle.

We had one cartload of cardboard to remove from the floor upon completion on Tuesday.

See the photo of how we shipped the pedestals and the trailers.  The casters were installed on site.


Friday, June 19th ( Loaded Trailers)


Stations were blanket wrapped rather than having the cardboard sleeve put on for shipping.

Trailer one held 70 Solo 6×6 Stations and 3 FS4872 Foresight benches.


Trailer two held 200 Mobile Pedestals stacked 6 to a dolly( 34 Dollies) and 30 Solo 6×6 Stations… with room to spare!

3 men x 8 hrs = 24 hrs

Monday June 22nd 

8 movers onsite to unload two trailers.  Started at 5:00 PM and  finished at 8:00 PM.

8 men x 3 hrs = 24 hrs

Tuesday June 23rd

Place 100 stations as per plan.  Run Power bar cords back to power source under windows or at wall.  Straighten casters and lower glides on gables to level.  Install casters on 200 pedestals and place.  Includes time to set up.

 9 men x 8 hrs = 72 hrs

Total of 120 hours of load, unload and place time. 

How much did we save?

Swiftspace Install

Typical installs are usually shipped directly to site from the manufacturer. For this reason if we did the same and eliminated the time in the warehouse, assuming the Swiftspace order had shipped to site, our total time would have been 96 onsite hours.  24 hours unload and 72 hours install = 96 hrs

96 hrs x $40 Installation cost per hour* = $3,840

Typical Install

With typical systems furniture the unload would be approximately 92 hours and the install 434 hours = 526 hours

526 hrs x $40 Installation cost per hour* = $21,040

*to calculate the true cost for your install, use your local install rates.


“If we had completed this installation with conventional furniture I would estimate we would receive 4 trailers from the manufacturer over 2 evenings with 8-10 movers each evening.      An 8 day installation window would be requested with 8 installers to complete the installation of 100 – 6×6 stations, 200 mobile pedestals and 2 meetings rooms. With Swiftspace we completed this install in 1 day!  We were finished in the time it would take to just unload the components of conventional furniture.”

Dean McIntyre 

 McIntyre Logo


Open Office Space

8 Station Install Video

Truck Unload Video


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