“Quickship products that ship in 9 business days”

Product Offering:

Heights: Summits(66″h), Solo+(52″h), Solo(41″h), Social+(29″h) in both L shape and Straights

Lengths: Space-saver(54″Open), 5×5(60″ Open), 6×6(72″ Open) or a combination of each 

Different height and width combinations shown with White surface and Cosmic lower panels.

Laminate colour Available:

Cosmic Strandz – White or Grey Edgebanding

Evening Tigris – Black Edgebanding

Designer White – White or Grey Edgebanding

River Cherry – White or Grey Edgebanding

Want to see these on a Solo Station? Click Here (you will be redirected to another page).

Uppers are semi-clear poly: Change to Upper panels can be ordered in semi-clear polycarbonate, or in a tackable panel with acoustical properties called ezoBord.  EzoBord uppers are an upcharge and are available in a variety of colours subject to stock levels.  Before ordering please email mirjanastupar@ swiftspaceinc.com.  for availability.

Accessories: Powerbar, Monitor Arms, Accessory Rails and Accessories, ezoBord upper panels

Weekly Capacity:  25 stations per week

Timing :  Orders received by 3pm on Monday will ship by the following Friday (9 business days)

You can Download this Marketing pdf here

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