“Quickship products that ship in 9 business days”

Product Offering:

Heights: Summits(66″h), Solo+(52″h), Solo(41″h), Social+(29″h) in both L shape and Straights

Lengths: Space-saver(54″Open), 5×5(60″ Open), 6×6(72″ Open) or a combination of each 

Different height and width combinations shown with White surface and Cosmic lower panels.

Laminate colour Available:

Cosmic Strandz – White or Grey Edgebanding

Evening Tigris – Black Edgebanding

Designer White – White or Grey Edgebanding

River Cherry – White or Grey Edgebanding

Want to see these on a Solo Station? Click Here (you will be redirected to another page).

For more information Please open the Addendum below.

You can Download the Swiftship Addendum here

You can Download the Swiftship GSA Addendum here

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