Laminate, Powdercoat and Fabric Specifications


Laminate and Edgeband Selection


*Writble Whiteboard Surfaces are available at no additional cost 



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Upper Panel Selection

Fabric Selection

Depending on the amount of the stretch in the fabric we have found that some fabrics will give a better result in terms of a tight fit when applied to the tackboard uppers. When picking a fabric upper Swiftspace would recommend the following fabrics.  :

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Luther II



Inside Track


We have found the following fabrics not to work well:  Tally, Repetition, Surf, Venture.

Other fabric choices are available by clicking this link.

* If the fabric you choose is not on either list it means that we have yet to try it on our panels.

2017 Tackable Sound Dampening Selection

Technical Specifications 

Foresight & Shape Leg Selection

Powder coat Leg Selection

Mobile Storage Selection

Powder coat Selection

Seating Fabric Selection

ONLY available for Mobile Storage (New Hempstead)

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