Welcome to the Swiftspace General Services Agreement Page (GSA).

On this page you will find all of the resources required to sell Swiftspace products to US Federal Agencies and other organizations that utilize the GSA pricing structure.

This summary gives you a quick one page overview of GSA Registration Procedures.

Document iconGSA Registration Procedures_Nov 14

This summary gives you a quick one page overview of all of the important information that you require to sell Swiftspace products to the US Federal government.

Document iconGSA-Summary-Sheet_extention_2023_All-Products

In order to be able to sell our products you must complete the Authorized Dealer Agreement and have it approved by Swiftspace corporate.

Document iconSWIFTSPACE INC Authorized GSA Dealer Agreement

We understand that it takes a lot of time and energy to promote our products to an end-user to the point were they are ready to create a RFQ for the product.  To make sure that those who work hard to promote our product in a project are compensated for their efforts we have a Project Registration Process.   Once completed the form must be approved by Swiftspace corporate.   The Dealer that has an approved Project Registration Form on file with this is entitled to receive 75% of the Dealer Fee.

Document iconGSA_Dealer_Registration_Form_Swiftspace

 We are currently working off the April 2017 GSA Spec Guide.

Document iconSwiftspace GSA Spec Guide/ Price List

The Credit Card Payment Form can be completed to allow a Federal Agency to pay for their invoices using a Visa or Mastercard.


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