The Swiftspace Render of the week!

June 2016

Swiftspace SHAPE – Electric height adjustable workstation. One station, multiple looks!

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Previous Weeks Great ideas

In need of some Sound Dampening features that actually look good  and are functional? Swiftspace has the Solution!


Custom Paint Desk? No Problem, even with Stainless Steel tops!



SHAPE: Time for a Quick Meeting


SHAPE: Workstation to Meeting Room in an instant!

Change one station into Multiple layouts!

There’s always a way to add more monitors!

Quickly set up a bar or reception station in no time!


Need to adjust your space quickly? Workstations can even make unique rooms Work!

Look how versatile the Foresight can be. Add flexibility with angled Worksurfaces!


Look how versatile the Foresight can be. Easily add a Height Adjustable option in no time!

Same Room Different Products, in no time at all!

Medical Vaccination Story


The 120 Degree workstation is so versatile. Here are a few options that You can set up in Seconds!


Can you Believe with only two units, you can have a Personal Office in Seconds!


Shake up the work place up in an instant. Collaboration has never been so easy!



Lecture or Exam convert a Classroom in Seconds!



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