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Product Description

Functional, high quality and economical the Swiftspace fliptop table is perfect for situations where you need a quick non private area to work on but need to be able to get it quickly out of the way to create space. The tables come standard with casters and a hand pneumatic hand release that mounts on the underside of the table.

Surface Guide and Information


The bases are constructed out of powder coated steel and the casters are a 2″ easy to roll black plastic.  The tops are available in any of the Swiftspace standard laminates including a whiteboard surface.  They are constructed with a high density fibreboard core covered by a high pressure laminate with 2mm PVC edge.


The table comes in three different shapes; rectangle, oval, and peninsula.   The width of the tops is 24″, 30″, or 36″ and the available lengths are 48″, 60″, or 72″.

Color Options

A Free

90 Degree Workstation

90 Degree Workspaces
Solo Workstation

120 Degree Workstation

120 Degree Workspaces
Solo Workstation

180 Degree Workstation

180 Degree Workspaces
Solo Workstation

Shape Workstations

Electric Height Adjustable Station
SHAPE Workstation

Single Foresight

24" Wide Foresight
Single Surface Benching System

Dual Foresight

48" Wide Foresight
Dual Surface Benching System


Mobile Meeting Station

Mobile Storage

Mobile Bookcases and Pedistals
Mobile Storage

Mobile Walls

Privacy Walls
Mobile Walls

Mobile Walls

Folding Walls
Mobile Walls

Flip Top Tables

Flip Top Tables
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Height Adjustable Tables

Height Adjustable Tables
Mobile Tables

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