The Importance of a Great Break Room: Office Collaboration and Company Morale

There has been a widespread recognition, across many industries, of the need for positive collaboration in the workplace.  As a result of this growing attention to a necessary component of business, there have been many changes to the modern office space.  Among those, over the past five years or so, are alterations to the classic break room.

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For many years, the office kitchen space was treated as an undesirable space.  The cheapest, dimmest, fluorescent lighting was used to cast a minimal glow upon outdated fixtures, mini fridges, and castaway toaster ovens.  For many, these design aesthetics were intentional, as employers hoped to discourage employees from lingering in such areas.

With the embrace of collaboration came a new theory regarding office break rooms.  Like the kitchen in a private home, these could very easily be multi functional spaces doubling not only as eating spaces but conversation hubs as well.  Business owners have found that there are four very good reasons to consider updating office kitchens:

Efficient Use of Space. As organizations are faced with rising space costs they are being forced to look at all square footage to determine if they are being fully utilized.   Break or Lunch rooms that in the past have been used 2-3 hours a day are great candidates for a space redesign that will allow them to be available the rest of the work day as collaborative space.

Boost Morale. Allowing employees to unwind, if only for a few brief moments, in a work-free space can result in better office morale and improved productivity.  Allowing employees to walk away from their desks promotes better health as well as improved posture.  Furthermore, it has been shown that providing a comfortable space for employees to take breaks throughout the day will lead to them lingering in the workspace longer in the evening.

Encourage Collaboration. Obviously, one of the biggest draws for employers is the ability to create a space that fosters collaboration.  Meeting spaces with comfortable furniture and good lighting, which are open to the entire office staff, can spur conversations that lead to drastic improvements in business processes.

Impress Clients. In addition to the improvement in office morale, a new and improved kitchen space is a great place to entertain clientele and showcase how well you are doing as a business entity.  Host catered lunches, wine tasting, sporting event showings, and other such events to build relationships with the people who keep your business in operation.

Remember when designing such an area for your own office, it is important to focus on the inclusion of natural light, proper food and beverage storage, and comfortable seating.  Coffee bars and available-for-purchase snacks are also great inclusions.

There are a number of ways that Swiftspace is mobile, can quickly re-configure products and assist in your efforts to create a welcoming multi-functional break/lunch area.

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No Break Area? Incorporate the Swiftspace Mobile Bar.  Placed with the general office, under good light, and stocked with snacks and bar stools, it can be a highly acceptable alternative to the modern office kitchen.  Better yet, it can easily be taken down and moved (or stored away) when that space is needed for another purpose.

Want to Create Smaller Collaborative Areas within the Kitchen? The Swiftspace Rendezvous Mobile Meeting Booth provides a great area to eat in a restaurant-like setting.  The booth will accommodate up to six co-workers.

Contending with a Large Office Staff?  If you want to be able to accommodate many employees in your renovated kitchen area, then consider the Swiftspace Foresight Benching systems, which can be set up like long-top tables for high-style cafeteria-like seating, or split into smaller settings for small group work, or even set-up as individual workspaces.

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Whichever Swiftspace product you choose, the welcoming approach provided and ease of change is sure to foster a more congenial multi-functional working atmosphere.


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